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Equal Profit

The Equal Profit model solves current imbalances by focusing not only on the traceability and price breakdown of commodity goods, but on what really matters to modern consumers: the value distribution. 

In other words, which actors receive what compensation along the value chain, and most of all, why? 

The Equal Profit label means that profit is distributed in a way that is proportional to the effort that each actor puts into the global supply chain. This effort is measured as a function of costs/risks borne by each actor. 

The principle is simple: the more you contribute, the more you deserve to earn. 


Our Standards

Organic products

The majority of the products (or all components of products) are certified according to the E.U. law on organic production. We accompany those who aren't in the certification process. 


All the supply chain actors are involved in the various implementation phases of the Equal Profit© certification


Products or components of products are traceable along the supply chain


The total costs all supply chain actors are accessible to every actor of the supply chain.


Payment to every actor of the supply chain are verifiable


Equal Profit

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